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Following on from my other thread regarding nearfield listening and ear fatigue, i'm back to the drawing board. Presently it's a small set up in a harsh sounding office room: Radius 90 speakers fed by a Pro-Ject Stereo Box S2 and a DAC from my laptop. The room is an issue in itself which I am intending to treat separately but I now need to rethink the electronics and speakers.

Say I have a budget of around £750. This would get me some KEF LSX or all manner of separates in bundle format from somewhere like SSAV.

Let's consider KEF LSX vs NAD D 3020 & KEF Q350 vs Audiolab 6000A & Monitor Audio Bronze 100 vs Arcam SA10 & KEF Q150

Nearfield is key (i'm about 1m from the baffles of the R90 on the window sill) but I can mount speakers on stands with no issue.

I like the form factor of the KEF and the DSP that affords some 'tuning' to the room but they aren't very 'audiophile-y' and my non-sensical brain would prefer a traditional approach. I like the form factor of the NAD and it would fit neatly on my desk. The 6000A or SA10 would need to sit underneath my monitor screen.


Note: I have a Naim 5si I can repurpose if necessary.

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