Active Speakers for streaming with plenty of bass (non-floorstanding)


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Hello everyone

I am looking to seriously upgrade my Sonos 5 in our living room (70 sqm, listening to music mainly)
I have a preference for a streaming solution, if possible without separate subwoofer.
Due to my babies, I do not think that floor standing speakers are an option.
Thus I am looking at active bookshelf (or wall mountable) speakers.
Now the Dynaudio Focus XD 20 (which seem to have some sort of bluetooth/wifi/steaming) look promising, but I wonder if their woofer provides enough bass. Is there a comparable product with a larger woofer?
I can see that Neumann KH420 and Genelec products (and other monitors) are equipped with bigger woofers, but those would require a streaming hub and additional cabling.
I did take a brief look at devialet phantom and cabasse pearl, but I cannot warm up for those.

If anyone has the B&W formation Duo with Sub, I would love to hear about your experience.

Well, maybe the Focus XD 20 will be just perfect, if I pair them with the SUB 6 from dynaudio....?
EDIT: Looking at it's price, the Sub 3 probably does the trick too :)


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Thanks. I will take a look. Based on my research (=input from another forum) the Neuman Kh 750 sub paired with two of their monitors might be a solution too


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The Bucharest A500 with their wireless hub may be worth a look, includes room EQ as well.



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Well, the dutch & dutch is rather pricey (roughly 10k EUR I think).
I realize now that I might save a lot of money, if I consider cheaper speakers and pair them with a sub. E.g. Canton Smart GLE 3 paired with a sub. Or maybe Dynaudio Xeo 20 with a Sub, although it is not clear to me how the sub is paired wirelessly with the current product offering (everything I can find online points to discontinued products such as the Xeo Hub or Xeo Link)

I am not familiar with themasterswitch. But it does seem a bit strange that Devialet does not specify the dimensions of the membranes. Also, it is hard to find many/diversified reviews.


I’d go with your first thought.

The Dynaudio XDs are loved everywhere.

You’ll also be surprised at how low and loud an active bass driver can go. The total control of each driver by its own dedicated power amp makes a huge difference.

And Dynaudio have around forty years experience making some of the best active speakers built.

Adding a Sub 3 would give you a full range system of quite impeccable pedigree.

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