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So I have the Audioquest Chocolate cables and am wondering what is the correct way to use them for ARC?

I have researched and it seems therenis a lot of conflicting advice ranging from, there’s no such thing as a directional cable (which there is), it doesn’t matter which way and other suggestions saying one way or the other.

So which way is the correct way? Out from the TV ARC port into the ARC port on the soundbar? Or is it reversed (because it’s a return channel) and out from the soundbar into the TV?



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The only HDMI cables that are directional are those with active electronics inside.
With active cables its easy to determine direction because they will only work one way.

The audioquest chocolate is a passive cable and non directional.

Audioquest claim it is but only in the sense of "we have carefully listened and it sounds best this way" nonsense and like everything else on their site this is just pseudo scientific BS designed to justify their fraudulent prices to the non technical.
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