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Action Sack


Distinguished Member
I notice this is now part of the playlist selection. Anyone played much of it? I had a few games the other night, some good gametypes some dreadful.

Anywho according to bungie these are the game types for Action Sack:

* Stab-Out (5.4%) - Swords only Team Slayer. Players have 3 lives. Four rounds to win. Two minute round time limit.
* Team Punchout (8.1%) - Beat down or assassinate your opponents. 25 points to win. 12 minute match time limit.
* Team Rockets (10.8%) - Team Slayer using only rockets. 50 points to win. 12 minute match time limit.
* Team Splasers (10.8%) - Spartan Lasers Only. 25 points to win. 12 minute match time limit.
* Team Fiesta (13.5%) - Team slayer, everyone spawns with random weapons. 25 kills to win. 12 minute match time limit.
* Tug of War (16.2%) - Gain points by killing players, but lose points by dying. 25 points to win. 12 minute match time limit.
* 2 Flag Shottys (10.8%) - Two flags, no shields, and shotguns for all. First team to three flags wins. 15 minute match time limit.
* Pit of Joy (10.8%) - The hill is unmoving. Players start with Energy Swords and 4x Overshields. 200 points to win. 12 minute match time limit.
* Team Sumo (2.7%) - Knock the other team out of the territory. 7 rounds. One minute round time limit.
* Run for Cover (2.7%) - The VIP must reach as many escort points as he can before time runs out. Four rounds to win. Three minute round time limit.
* Ninja Assault (8.1%) - One team defends the base while the other team's bomb carrier is fast and invisible. The team with the most detonations after four rounds wins. Four minute round time limit.

Of those i've played:
Stab-Out which was rubbish, as all sword only games are, but novel that you only have 3 lives.
Team Punchout, played on lockout, plasma pistol only, kills only by beatdown, game played pretty well, best to stick together, one person shoots, other beats down. Has potential.
Ninja Assault, played twice both games were 2-2, its harder to fail at planting the bomb than it is to actually score. Invisible with high speed movement=easy plant. Not convinced
2 Flag Shottys, most fun of the new ones i've played, but i think it will be very connection dependant, any lag at all will kill it. Might have enjoyed it most was we won shorthanded 3v4


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I played team splasers but to be honest I had more fun using my pistol

Droogie 2001

Active Member
I saw that Play list and wondered what it was all about. Apparently it says you get zero experience points for playing.
I may actually give it a go as I having been playing Social Big Team and I joke you not that literally its either Avalanche Multi Flag or Neutral Assault on Sand Pit.
Whilst are good fun I am in desperate need of somthing different.
What happened to the other MP maps like Cold Storage, Blackout (Lockout remake?), Ghost Town etc??


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Does anyone know what playlist Grifball on a Mythic map appears on as I could do with a game to pick up a couple of achievements..

Deleted member 152499

Does anyone know what playlist Grifball on a Mythic map appears on as I could do with a game to pick up a couple of achievements..

Good question. It was in the Mythic playlist before that got retired, and I noticed that Grifball was this weekends Double XP playlist (could still be available if you're quick). Other than that, I'm not sure to be honest...

Billy Goodgun

Distinguished Member
Action sack doesn't sound any fun at all! :eek: Do you need Mythic DLC for Action Sack?

As for the Grifball playlist, I didn't bother with it at all this weekend. The playlist said "Heroic DLC required" - no mention of Mythic DLC whatsoever. Even if all eight of you had Mythic maps, the Grifball Mythic option would still need to be available for it to come up, and I don't think it was. I decided not to chance it, anyway.


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No it was the same map all weekend for the double xp how boring, why release achievements and make it near impossible to find the game types to unlock them.

Billy Goodgun

Distinguished Member
True, although in fairness the extermination and killtac medals/achievements can be unlocked in any gametype. Plus yesterday's 7 on 7 playlist was for Assembly only, featuring a huge mix of gametypes - everything from KOTH to Fiesta and Braaains, any of which is good for a killtac with a bit of luck. Not that I had any luck - plenty of trips, but no OKs or KTs. :rolleyes:


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I know what you mean I just about got my hammer achievement apart from that it was players teaming up in 7 of 7 & rumble

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