Acrylic turntable cover - alternatives


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I'm shocked to see the prices of a plastic box! and I've just splashed out on a Pro-Ject 9.1x turntable which in itself was over-budget but we won't go there or mention to spousey. So I still need all the other bits to go with it, and the dust cover throws me. I can't bring myself to spend 220 pounds on a plastic aquarium.

What alternatives have you come up with? I have been looking at aquariums as it happens but not seen anything the right size or without funny bases...

I do want a cube-type cover, not just a platter/arm cover because I have a large brute of a labrador who hasn't learned the laws of gravity, therefore they do not exist.

Many thanks


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The best I can think of is to custom make one.

Use wood strips along the seams with grooves cut into them, make a box with lid out of this, then put clear or 'smoked' Plexiglas or Acrylic panels into the cut grooves to make the sides and top, then make the lid or cover hinged. The back panel of the box can be solid wood to accommodate the hinge.

Cabinet maker or woodworking shops will have spring tension hinges that will stay open on their own, so you don't have to worry about the lid falling down on the 'box'.

Other than this, I can't think of any solution to keep dust off of the turntable, which is fairly important.


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And the morel of the story is, buy a record player that comes with a lid!

To be frank, if your Labrador is as boisterous as you suggest I doubt that a clear plastic box is going to save your deck. Maybe a shelf?


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Shelf definitely =) but there's no place that a flying labrador hair cannot reach =)
It's amazing how much cleaning is involved when you have one omnipresent lunatic in the house.

Have sent a quote to Plastic Online and also looked up some videos on youtube on making a persex box =) thanks guys. Looks easy....


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Actually speaking of shelf.... I had planned to place it about 30cm above the left floor standing speaker..... which also places it behind the speaker. Very stable and heavy speakers with spikes, concrete floor, brick wall... does that sound ok ?

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does that sound ok ?

Yes, fine. You can put it anywhere you like really. Turntables like being on shelves, I expect you'll hear an improvement. Try to keep the shelf as light and ridged as you can. It's also a good idea to get the shelf spot on level too. If you do that you'll usually be able to just plonk the turntable on it and it'll be level. Check the shelf after a few months though in case it sags forward, which they often do.


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Thanks =)
it's on the wall, and it's got it's cover at 5x the price of that one on promotion at Superfi, and it's sounding superb !!!!! I'm very happy indeed. I don't think I can look at CD any more =) but SACD is still keeping up with the quality.
That cover... they don't mention the model number. I think it's the Cover-it 2 which is a bit smaller than the 1. Although it is priced as low as the little round platter/arm cover. It wouldn't be big enough for my RPM 9.1X


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I was looking for a cover for my Garrard 501 but I wanted some custom cut outs for leads. I found this company whilst doing a search: The Frazer Company - - Specialists in Plastics Fabrication, Design and Consultancy - Cam, Dursley, Gloucestershire
It turns out that they make bespoke acrylic covers to size and shape as required.
I bought a top end cover and although I was nervous at the price all my friends who have seen it say its the best quality cover that they have seen.
The glue joint is almost invisible and I think they said they use a higher grade acrylic which blocks out more UV rays than normal. I remember them saying they supply covers to a Brit Pop artist, (Tracey Emin or Damien Hirst or both I think).

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