Acoustically transparent pulldown screen?

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Is there a reasonably priced pulldown screen made of acoustically transparent material so the sound from speakers won't be muffled too much when the screen drops down in front of them? I need about a 100" diagonal screen, ceiling mounted and able to mask to 2.35:1 as well as 16:9 video.

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All masking systems I have looked at are fixed screen.

I also have to say that to date I have NEVER found a perf screen that I am happy with watching.

So I have always decided to keep a solid screen and live with speakers around it.........

Masked screens I asked recently about in this forum, I seem to go no replies so I did spend time looking up as many as I could,

results can be found here......


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For an acoustically transparent electrical screen w.o. masking, you would pay about 900 pounds.

Add the masking and you'll be looking at a very limited number of manufacturers and a multiple of the price mentioned above.

Stewart, Vutec and Da-lite would be companies to look at if you want the combination of both.



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Sorry to revive an old thread but i'm going to be in need of one of these. Ideally in a 108'' 16:9 ratio.... Have they come down in price at all?
The projector screen would be in front of my front three speakers when pulled down so need one that allows the sound through!

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