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Hi there guys, I have a 32ft by 15ft room you can see down in this post a quick draw of the room...

It's all walls and glass, I currently have a "L" form sofa and a bed... the floor is wood and walls are made of plaster with cement behind them.

I'm waiting on a big rug to put in front of the sofa this will help in making the sound more dead but..... the rest?

I have reflections from the left wall of course, but my right wall is all windows with blackout curtains.

So my main question is ... what sort of acoustic treatment should I do? I don't really want to cover all the walls and stuff, just the minimal to help have a better sound..

- Is it bad to treat just the left wall?
- What about the back of the room?
- I feel my bass lower bass is too weak.. but If I go to certain parts of the room is too BIG.! Bass traps?
- Will the bass traps help the bass in the listening position?
- Should I only use absorbers?

I'm planing on buying the material from here :. Welcome to Vicoustic .:


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not keen on those myself, but its your choice..

dont use just absorption, try and vary what you put in, you will have an unbalanced room so try not to kill it off with too much absorption, the blackout curtains, are they fabric or screen type material? I would go with 3 absorbing panels (go for something that will give some bass absorption - so 4" if possible) at the first reflection point, a couple of thin absorbing panels behind the speaker/tv area

On the rear wall i would go with some bass trap/diffusor combos, there are a few on the market but dont go for just foam, you want something that is going to give real bass, the ones in the link you provide dont have data below 125hz, and the curve is falling off befor it gets there very sharply so im going to hazard a guess and say not much LF control, look at using things like Wood battens over fiberglass for diffusion/bass control or commercial products...

a couple of light absorbing panels over the first reflection point will also make a big difference.

tweak the bass after that by moving the seating and subs, a difference of 6" on both sub and seat can make a big difference!

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I'd suggest trying to keep the room as symmetrical as possible so whatever is on one side wall - in this case curtains should have something similar at the first reflection point on the opposite wall.
The probelms with the bass are something that I'd definitely first try and fix with bass mangement and repositioning of you sub. Eq of some description would probably also be a great help iparticularly if you use a system that allows multiple measurment throughout the room.
In my experience while room treatments are useful and cost effective in controlling excessive mid and high frequencies, there are much better ways of dealing with bass.

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