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I've bought some acoustic tiles which I initially intended to use as decor for the rear of the home cinema. I want to get them up this weekend but won't have anybody on hand to help finding he reflection points.

Basically what I'd like to know is, can just randomly placing acoustic tiles in a room have a detrimental affect to the sound or actually make it worse than having none at all. I was initially just going to cover the whole of the rear in order to hide wires etc and just add a bit of decor but have now decided to do most of the rear and then take a rough stab at the first reflection points on the side walls and clad a section of them.

So any advice would be warmly received, bearing in mind that I can't find the reflection points this weekend as I don't have someone to hold the mirror!



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It all depends on how big the room is, how many speakers you run, where they're placed and where the MLP is. Then the question is how many tiles do you have and how big are they?

Without more information its hard to give better information.

Use a mirror to find your reflection points if you're alone.


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Get a somewhat small hand mirror that can be held to the wall with thumb tacks or double-face tape. Get a small laser pointer. Shine the pointer into the mirror, if the reflection hits the speaker, you've found the point of first reflection.

Since you don't actually have to see anything, it doesn't even need to be a mirror. Just a piece of shiny metal. Just shiny enough to reflect the laser. Even a nice flat piece of Aluminium foil.

Laser pointers are dirt cheap. You can find then at the check out line of the grocery store, among other places.

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