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    I thought others on the list might like to read the following from Acoustic Solutions:

    "Thank you for your enquiry, sorry to hear you are experiencing problems
    with your AS8099 DVD player. Assuming you are using rented or bought
    DVD discs (rather than self-recorded discs) then lip-synch should not be
    a problem - and it certainly should not drift in and out. I'm of the
    opinion the DVD is faulty, and should be returned to the Argos store you
    bought it from, for replacement under their 12 month warranty. This is
    not a problem we've heard of before with this player, so it will most
    likely be a fault on your unit - please accept our apologies for that.

    The AS8099 DVD player is an Argos product, which they badge as "Acoustic
    Solutions" to give it a recognised brand name - but in fact it has
    nothing to do with us at all. With our name on the AS8099 we do get the
    majority of Help Line calls about this player, most of which we are able
    to answer from our general knowledge of DVD players. If all else fails,
    please contact the Argos Customer Services on 0870 600 3030, and they
    may be able to help further.

    Best regards

    John Willis"

    So, I wonder, who actually makes the AS8099, and is it equivalent to any other players?


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