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I note that Dixons are clearing out the above speakers at a knockdown price (I'll not tell you how much at this stage!). They're floorstanding towers, 8 ohm 100w rating, come with a top, midrange, and ported base unit, and are finished in black(and are b**** heavy). Listening to them in Dixons is a problem, but I've had a go - which deafened the rest of the store - and they actually sound very detailed and pleasant. Not shielded as far as I can tell, but sound stage would appear to be OK with them some way from the screen.

Question is - has anyone actually tried them as 5.1 front speakers and how have they found them?
Aren't these the same make that WHF warn against buying out of the back of a white van because they sound so crap? Maybe Dixon's in your area didn't take up the full stock they had in the van:D

(Apologies if I am mistaken about Acoustic Solutions)
Er, thanks for that. I did a search across the site and Acoustic Solutions didn't come up - another reason for the posting. I've got no reason to suspect these speakers are, shall we say, less than adequate as they didn't sound at all bad in the shop. Problem is that the shop is not the ideal auditioning environment, hence does anyone know these and have used them?
Sorry if I'm answering my own post here but did a further search on www.the and guess what ... copious reviews on the AV120s. All good and most giving 5 out of 5. So went to Dixons and bought for £50. Take my tip, if you want a pair of front floorstanders in black with 8ohm rating and over 100wpc(RMS) get down there and buy a pair. They're actually terrific in both looks and sound for the money (£25 a tower - they tried to charge me more than that for the leads - but that's another story....).
I run a pair as my front l+r on a 2802 and they r superb !!!!!

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