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    Have just purchased an Acoustic Solutions AS8099 from Argos to replace our sick (not terminally I hope) Marantz DV 4100.

    Initial impressions are good (great value for money) though it was imposssible to obtain stable LipSynch on "Bright Young Things" which we watched (via CoAx and AV amp) this afternoon. Other discs are OK in this respect I think, so hopefully the fault was not with the player.

    I miss the loop through SCART that the Marantz had, and picture quality from the AS8099 is not quite as good.

    Intruigingly the Acoustic Solutions webpage makes no mention of the AS8099. Is it a special Argos model ? Also I can't find any hacks for the machine on the internet...yet.

    The 16:9 setting (mentioned elsewhere in this forum) also had me fooled until my 14yr old restored picture by selecting AV1 on the TV remote. Switching the Acoustic Solutions to 16:9 seems to remove the machines ability to force the TV to look at its output.

    Best Wishes, Hugh

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