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    I was going to tack this on to Spectre's "Buying a budget player" thread, but that seems to have digressed from the original issue a fair bit. So.........
    Bought my missus a player for the kitchen this Christmas. Thought there may some people here interested in a decent budget player.
    Firstly, I was after the £79 Acoustic Solutions 521 from Richer Sounds, but that player was sold out. So I went for the £110 551 instead. Far too many features for a 14" mono TV, but it's those features which make it an absolute snip!
    Not only does it have a built in DD decoder, but there are also RGB & Component outputs! Hard to tell about it's actual performance 'til I get a chance to hook it up to my amp/projector, but it certainly looks ok so far. However, what must be the killer feature is the easily hackable region bypass. By setting this in the 'secret' menu to 'Bypass', it plays anything you can throw at it,
    including RCE encoded discs!
    Not forgetting it's compatible with cd-r cd-rw mp3, & just about every shiny disc on the market.
    Almost forgot; set to Pal, it outputs an NTSC signl to a Pal only TV faultlessly. Via Pal60 I'm assuming!
    All in all, a bargain IMHO.

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