Acoustic Solutions 37" 1080p £349.99 @ Argos - Any good?


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The picture on this screen is not great... seen a few on display and i have to say its pretty poor :(


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Got one of these about a month ago. Gotta say very impressed with it. Was a little concerned after seeing the display model in Argos, however took the chance and bought it.

Had a feeling that maybe they had wired it incorrectly as there were a number of TV's connected to the same signal.

Got it home, hooked it to my 360 and was totally happy.

Friend of mine just got a 40" Samsung and I can hardly tell the difference between that and mine.

Definately recommended. Also you have the money back guarantee if there is a problem.

Video 9/10
Audio 8/10
Design 9/10
Connectivity 8/10 (Due to only having 2 HDMI sockets.


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Shouldn't that be 5/10 for connectivity seeing as most sets now have double that? ;)

S Bibby

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Acoustic Solutions make some turntables and other Hifi equipment but like Wharfedale they don't do TVs themselves - this is probably a Vestel set made to their specifications or, more likely, Argos/Home Retail group.
I suppose at £350 for a 37 inch set you get what you pay for and at least you have the option to return if unhappy, wheras if you bought on the web from the likes of Ebuyer problems might arise.

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