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Discussion in 'Home Cinema Speakers' started by sunnyb4u, Dec 19, 2006.

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    hi guys again

    erm i have had a 5.1 set of the acoustic energy evo 1 kit which is the same but older versions of the evo 3b which i love but i have a small query for you lads and lasses

    erm i was wondering since is it worth me bi wiring each speaker ( each oen has 2x red and 2x black banana posts)

    erm i am very fussy when it comes to quality since i always pick up bad quality in tracks and i play all my music through my pc using windows media lossless which is great except takes alot of space on me hard drive

    erm i have linked these speakers to my yamaha rx-v359 but erm also is there alot of difference between using banana plug terminals to the amp or usng bare strands? and does the bare strands deteriate over time i.e durt and sweat from fingers twisting cables etc

    i would recommend these since i have seen the evo 3b 5.1 kit inc. subwoofer for 599 gbp so well worth it lads

    aye your answers will be most apreciated

    ta im off for cup of tea like!

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