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Im having to re think what speakers I'm going to get as my wife dosnt want speakers on stands for the front, she preferes floor standing (currently have kef cresta 3) so for the updgrade in need floorstanders as well. So Im thinking of going for the aelite 3 for fronts and a aelite centre. and I will get the matching rears next month.

Will these be overkill in my living room 4.5x3.5m

Any help would be appreicated.



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i hope not as mine are coming in a few hours and im in a similar sized room ;)

edit: just re-read and thought you were going for the aegis evos, hmmm the aelite 3s do look meaty, id prob go for something smaller and a sub


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I've had a pair of Aelite 3's for a month or so now in a stereo set-up in my lounge which is probably a little larger than your own room. Although they're not 'run in' as yet I'm absolutely delighted with them. I'm running them with an Exposure 2010S Integrated and matching Power Amp and MF3.5 CD player. The speakers can handle the power but to me, sound superb at low volumes. Just for the record the speakers are bi-amped.


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Thanks for getting back to me, I ended up having to go with some MA BR5 as I was getting the Aelite because I thought I could get them for a good deal, but it would have taken 4 weeks or more to get them and my sony 3200 has just arrived and Ive sold some of my current speakers so I needed some new ones quick.
I think the BR5's should be good in my room paired with a BK monilth.

Thanks again

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