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Acoustic energy aego p5 vs. aego 5

Discussion in 'AV Receivers & Amplifiers' started by chrissles, Oct 2, 2003.

  1. chrissles


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    Please help a very confused novice who wants to put a simple home cinema system together.

    I have a dvd recorder (Panasonic EMR50)which I believe has a DTS decoder. Therefore presumably I don't need the processor part of the aego 5 i.e. I could buy the aego 5 not the aego p5.

    However from what I've seen the P5 has a display and remote, which presumably allows you to set up the system easily and set speaker delays etc etc. The 5 does not have this, so is it possible to configure these on the 5?

    Am I wrong about this? How easy would the two systems be to set up, and how could I configure the delays in each case? help!!

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