Acoustic Energy Aego M 2.1 or Creative Gigaworks T20 2.0 Speakers



About to buy a new set of speakers for my PC, I have reasonably small room (2.5m x 2.5m), I dont watch movies so 5.1 is pointless however I do like gaming below are the spec if it helps:-

Acoustic Energy Aego M 2.1 spec
Creative Gigaworks T20 2.0 spec

The above are both around the same cost but the Gigaworks dont have a sub, I have heard good things about the Aego's but I am looking for a neat (less cables) solution so the Gigaworks fit the bill, wonder if anyone can offer an opinion on these two speakers.

Thx in advance.



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I haven't heard the Gigaworks system but the Aego package is superb. At least then you are buying from a speaker manufacturer that knows what they are doing.



no doubt about it, I like Creative but as said before AE are specialists.


Thx for all the replies...

kidloco46 said:
I swapped my gigaworks for the the Aegos, no compation mate, they are in a differant league
Wow.. you've done what i was considering, is there anything in particular you found different between the two... (depth.. brighter etc...)



I like the new T20's neat and stylish with a robust and impressive build qaulity


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Bah! OK I an amateur and whilst researching I stumbled upon this thread (only discovered this section of the forum today :rotfl:)

My, these Acoustic Energy Aego M 2.1s get a lot of love on here don't they?! And they're about twice as much than I wanted to spend. Plus they have a sub, which wasn't a priority for me

I hate forums

Ermmm... I have an Edirol UA-25 sound card. How would I connect the Aego's to them if I bought them? I'm speculating here, but if I carry out using the analogue outs on the Edirol, I hook the mini to the Aego's?


Done with desktop/home setups after this and going back to IEMs


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I know I go on with myself, but 40+ new views since I bumped this thread and no replies?

Ah no worries. To hell with it - just going to buy it and figure it out :p

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