Acoustic Energy AE500 Loudspeaker Review & Comments


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Looks like a very good bookshelf speaker for listening to music and film viewing. My own bookshelf speaker's from another company incorporate a low mass rigid carbon fibre mid/bass woofer. Carbon fiber woofers and carbon fiber tweeters are only going to get used by more and more companies. Only really used in woofers of high end floorstanders at the moment. But the wholesale price of good quality carbon fiber is cheap these day's. Already used in lot's of consumer sport's equipment.

Further in the near future ultra ply thin, rigid (likely reinforced by carbon nanotubes or graphene) but very lightweight carbon fiber has the potential to revolutionise the speaker market. Stronger than metals titanium, beryllium etc but much lighter with no ringing or having to heavily damping the woofers/tweeters. Lighter than paper pulp, wooden woofers but much more rigid. All leads to less colourization, less break ups, less distortion, better efficiency.
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Really enjoyed this read I have some reference 1s. Not the original ones the white gloss ones. Are these worth changing from?


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A quick lesson in physics. A slot port doens't change the air speed within the port at all. A vented speaker is tuned by it's port to a certain frequency. This frequency dictates the length and diameter of the port, or in this case not the diameter, but the square surface area. If you want to lower the air speed, the diameter/surface area needs to increase and to keep the tuning frequency the same, the length of the port increases accordingly. A slot port has some benefits to the design of some cabinets, but is has very little to do with lowering the air speed and thereby enabling a closer placement to the rear wall.


Absolutely stunning in looks and sound, love these speakers, nearly perfect indeed, you cannot go wrong with these, good with a lot of genres, great stuff, had them for two months and wanted to keep them but you can only have so many speakers...


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I have a pair of these in the walnut finish - just waiting for my new amp to arrive before firing them up.


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An Arcam SR250 - here in NZ they are for sale at the equivalent of 3500 GBP - so I'm importing one myself for much less than half the local cost, even after shipping and taxes !

Acoustic Energy aren't (yet) distributed in NZ, so I had to find an overseas stockist willing to ship to here. I did, plus they handled the tax correctly for an export, so I didn't have to pay a premium for not having a local distributor - win all round !

The other side of the planet does have its merits, but sometimes getting quality products means you have to do a lot of work yourself to avoid getting ripped off, or even to get something at all.
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