Acoustic Energy 7.1, advice please?


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Currently in the process of specking up some kit for a friends install, for £650 cant really go wrong with the 5.1 Acoustic Energy EVO3 speaker package but he's getting the Pioneer AX3 amp and want to make use of either 6.1 or 7.1 so my question is........

Do i buy 1 or 2 Ageis ones to hang on the rear centre ceiling or can i get away with 1 or 2 of the smaller, lighter, less obtrusive Ageis compacts??

Do i need 2 rear centres??, its only one extra channel right so 2 will give me a real stereo effect??

Please advise



Whichever 6 or 7 is great compact is excellent for the rear surrounds and can be had as a single speaker which helps if it's 6.1 you decide on.
Also consider using the VSXax3's biamp feature sticking with 5.1 but improves the front two sound by a fair jump, IMHO.


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Thanks for the advise Bobbypunk...

So what you are saying is...

Ageis Compacts are fine for rear centres, if i want 6.1 i use 1 compact and for 7.1 i use 2 compacts?

But if i used the biamp feature, i would have to have 5.1 but would use the other two channels to drive the fronts??


i cant biamp the fronts using 7.1 can i?

sorry for some basic questionning, but i must learn!



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no you cant biamp the fronts and use a 7.1 setup only a 5.1 setup.
You could use a switch box so you can bi amp the fronts (if you think it makes any difference) when using stereo for example and then swith to driving the extra rears for movies. think you also have to change the settings on the amp as well to do this as well as use a switch box.
Before I get flamed for suggesting a speaker switch box they can degrade the sounds compared with using direct cables unless you are good with a soldering iron ;)
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