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Discussion in 'General TV Discussions Forum' started by Barry Bingham, Nov 28, 2001.

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    I've now received a replacement Aconda following colour purity issues with my first set. Briefly these comprised a reddish smudge top left, a yellowish stain bottom right, a tendency to excess blue top right and- extremely irritating on b&w films- marked blue lines alongside vertical structures extreme left. These features- apart from the blue lines which were constant- would come and go but there was never a point when none of these were present.

    Apart from this- a big apart- the picture was great. The engineer (retailers not Loewe) who delivered the new set was adamant (as at re-order) that any new set would be the same. Of course it isn't. IF you study closely the extremities of a full 16:9 image you will find slight divergence- but I think thats true of any wide flatscreen CRT. Interestingly the colours seen on very very close examination are the same as on the previous set (red top left, yellow bottom right- but we are talking something only affecting the edge when examined a few inches from the screen!!)However this is too minor to affect viewing enjoyment & my new set is fine in this respect.

    What I do find difficult is deciding which picture settings give the best result. I feel I can't quite get the same vivid images as previously. I know theres been a limited exchange on this before but perhaps other owners would care to share further thoughts? I've used contrast settings from 38 to 49, brightness from 24 to 27, colour from 22 to 33, sharpness 1 to 2, no tint and every conceivable combination of noise reduction, DMM, DMI on & off. Can't decide which is best. Probably no right answer of course but its good to share the indecision.....

    Used NTSC Video Essentials and wound up with Cont- 38, Colour- 36, Bright- 24, Sharp- 1. Looked great on VE test scenes but on PAL material the picture was oversaturated and lifeless. Now using cont-41, colour- 25, bright- 25, sharp- 2. Which is ok-ish. I think. Sometimes......

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