Ack! Help! Reassurance needed!


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I ordered a Panny AE500 last night to replace the AE100 I sold last week. I really wanted to get something a little better, ideally with HDMI (like the Sony HS20) but had to rule practically everything out as I needed a short throw (projecting a 92" screen from about 10 foot). I have all the mount and cables ready for an AE500.

I've just become aware of the Epson TW500 from a post on here. Should I have gone for this instead? I can't find a calculator for it but the specs are...

F-Number 2.1 - 4.3
Focal Length 21.4 - 31.7 mm
Zoom Ratio 1 - 1.5

Screen Size 30 - 300" (0.87 - 9.11m) (Wide)
Screen Size 30 - 300" (1.33 - 13.65m) (Tele)

...I'm sure lots of the above is irrelevant but does any of it mean I could I get a a 92" 16:9 image from about 10 foot?

The Epson has a really good picture apparently and can be had for £2550 from
here, but then that's double the cost of an AE500, and I don't have an HDMI device yet, but would just like a bit of future proofing. :rolleyes:

Someone please reassure me I did the right thing going for the Panny. :(

Pete Delaney

Andy, if you can afford it and think you may regret your purchase then send the ae500 back, after all you have not even opened the box yet. Perhaps negotiate a deal if your seller also stocks the epson. Anyway, a 'distance sale' has a 7 day cooling period, so you have a little time to think, but I would not open the box of the panny unless I intended to keep it.

Bottom line: if you have the cash and it will make you happy then do it, I think this really is a personal choice.:smoke:



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£2500 is a hell of a lot for an LCD it would have to be a heck of a lot better than the AE500/Z2 (not to mention the DLPs ;) ) for that.

I the last generation the TW100 had the big advantage on resolution not this time though, I would expect the TW500 to be better than an AE500 but twice as good? Doubt it :)

DCDi? Well using the money you just saved you can buy and DVI/HDMI DVD player you like and feed the projector 720P and completely bypass the AE500's scalar/deinterlacer (not that it's actually bad - it isn't ;) ).

The AE500 DVI port is HDCP compliant so you can use it with HDMI devices using the correct adaptor btw ;)

-- Jon


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And relaaaaaax.....

Ok after a nice looooong, hot bath I'm feeling much, much more calm hehe. :blush:

I haven't even seen the TW500 but, whilst I'm sure it's lovely, I doubt it's going to be 200% better than the AE500 (the price difference).

I don't have an HDMI inclined device atm and by the time I do there will be an even better pj that I can look at. The AE500 will do me for some time I think (I'm kinda wondering why I got rid of my AE100). Also, I can use the money I would've spent on this on some other upgrades that will actually make a difference, I feel Sky+ coming on.

Anyway sorry to have wasted everyones time, thanks to those of you who replied. I didn't know you could get an HDMI to DVI adaptor Gothmog, cool! :clap:.

I just panicked is all, I kinda forgot this HC lark is supposed to be about chilling out and enjoying films. :rolleyes:

Here's looking forward to my new baby! The AE100 is dead (well sold) long live the AE500. :clap:

P.S. - Bognor isn't looking too sunny from where I'm sitting.

Pete Delaney

Phew, thank goodness we talked you out of it Andy. Cos it means there are..... MORE LEFT FOR ME...NEAGHHHHH NUUUGHHH OHHAHHHHH HA HA HA HA HAARRRR......:devil:


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Heheheheh :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl:

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