Acer Predator Z1 (Z301CT) Monitor Review & Comments


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I felt your comments on 1080 vertical pixels not being enough for a 29cm high screen were rather unfair. That is the most popular size after all, it's virtually identical to a 24" 1920x1080 screen (marginally smaller in fact!).

If you're going to compare the vertical pixel density to something else then you really need to specify the size of the screen as well as it's resolution. Given your comments I'm guessing the '1440p standard width' screen was a 2560x1440 27" screen rather than a 2560x1440 32 screen, as the latter would be very similar to this.

Kotatsu Neko

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I have a 3440x1440 Dell 34" ultrawide and I like it, but it does have its flaws. In short, the resolution is far too low in the 4K world, the IPS black levels and corner glow are truly abysmal, and it has lots of that all too familar LCD smear when things move.

For productivity the extra screen width is fantastic, it's almost like having two screens without the gap in the middle. For gaming though whilst the extra width is nice, the picture quality is simply too poor to make it all that usable. Compared to my B7 connected to my PS4, it looks like a display from a decade ago. (the monitor is about 2 years old in reality)

As for this Acer, I hate the whole GAMER styling stuff, it looks like it's designed for 12 year olds. The resolution is absurdly low, and the lack of HDR just isn't acceptable anymore.

When there are 5K ultrawides with HDR support I'll upgrade. I know there's an LG on the way with those specs, but I don't buy LG products anymore, so I'll wait.
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