Acer PD525 vs more expensive PJs


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I've just seen an Acer PD525 (2000:1 contrast and 2000 ANSI lumens). This was very good in dimmed lights, but washy in daylight. How would this compare with an Infocus 7205 which is rated at 1100 lumens? It can be had for around 600quid.

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well my girlfriends family has the acer pd523 and I think they are basically the same, the 525 is at least not worse than the 523.
well when they first bought it it was the first DLP I have ever seen and the movie like and screendoor free image was great to see but it had some kind of blurring and smearing of the pics at that time and I thought something was wrong with it. at that time we watched DVD on it from a composite cable and we then bought a komponent cable and that made the colors much better but not the other stuff. well then I brought over my DVD with progressive scan and WOW!!! now it looked great and absolutely no image artifacts anymore. so they bought there own P scan player, but a very cheap one, but I thought that the lack of sharpness came from the projector.
well a couple of days ago I loaned it from them and played xbox 360 on it at my house and also looked at films through the 360 and when only displaying it on my bedroom wall I still got a perfaclty sharp and great picture that I had never seen at there house on there real screen so yesterday I plugged in my 360 at there house instead and WOW nr 2! its perfect! and we watched hostage with bruce willis with an amazing sharp and involving picture. bought 8 dvds today and cant wait until the night comes so I can see them!

so what I am trying to say is that the ACER is a GREAT projector, but ONLY if its fed from the right source and cables!
If not it has a really bad pic!


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