Acer Laptop 5535 from Tesco


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sent this to acer but perhaps someone else could shine some light on the problem im having.....

hello, hopefully you can help me, i purchased an acer 5535 laptop from Tescos in November last year, ever since we have had it it seems to generate the same problem, sometimes within minutes sometimes after half an hour, the very rare occasion its not happened.

The problem is, it seems to shutdown and go into sleep mode?!? you know its going to happen because the cursor freezes on the screen then 3-5 seconds later the screen goes blank, theres still a slight glow on the screen so you can tell its turned on and the buttons flash on the laptop but there seems to be nothing happening, its like its locked, ive tried every key on the board but nothing. I have to simply keep my finger on the off button and reboot.
This process keeps happening again and again and can be highly annoying when say typing a long letter/email and not having the chance to save it before it decides to do this!!

i was wondering if this is a common problem with this model?? at first i thought it may be over heating as i use it on my lap. But i have used it on a flat surface and it still keeps happening.

We paid nearly 400 pounds for this product and just wondered if there was a simple solution for it or does it need repairing??


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it should still be under warranty so take it back to Tesco's and get a replacement

it' a overheating problem which is very common problem with cheap Laptops like asus,acer,fujitsu/siemens

yes i know you paided £400(which is a lot of money for a lot of people including me) but in terms of laptops it's cheap


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yeah i know its cheap but you still expect a product to do the basics, right next purchase external drive save files then send it back! yeah its still in warranty so no worries there


This is a major problem with Acer Aspire 5535 Laptops which Acer, PC World, Comet, Currys and Dixons are all ignoring. It's amazing that so many of these have been sold with this fault. :mad:

There is only one real solution, get XP on there ASAP - this solves the problem (you can keep vista on there too) and the laptop runs smoothly and VERY fast with XP too. :clap:

I done this and the 5535 is now (at last) working perfectly.
This may also apply to other Acer models too, like:
5530 5735 5720 5050
Hope that helps. :D

A full VIDEO showing how to do this is here:

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