Acer Iconia Dual Touch Screen Ghosting Fault


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Hello there.

I have a problem and would appreciate, if anyone who is in the know could please help me out?

I have recently gone and bought a Duel-Touch Screen Acer Iconia 484G64NS, from eBay. The person I bought from, had previously purchased the Iconia laptop from QVC a year earlier, and had only used it ones or twice in the time that he owned it. So its practically brand new, packaging and all.

After a couple of days use, I noticed an unusual problem with the main touch screen (that's the one on top) were I experienced a strange problem, which I can only describe as a multi-touch ghosting issue, Its as though the screen is being touched/pressed repeatedly although no one is actually touching or using it! this problem prevented me from interacting with my Iconia laptop, cancelling out my touch inputs and even the use of my mouse!

I thought that maybe this was a one off occurrence, but to my displeasure I've now been experiencing this fault more and more often.

This problem seems to happen randomly, but when it does happen I have to do a full hard reset as the computer becomes fully unresponsive and this also results in any work I am doing becoming lost, as I cant save my work!

I've installed windows 7 and 8 and the fault is prevalent in both operating systems, so at this point I was now thinking that this must be a hardware problem.

I am also worried that over time this fault will become more apparent and therefore happen much more often.

After contacting Acer customer services, the only response I am getting is that because the laptop is now out of its warranty period they can no longer help me and have now refused to fix my laptop, unless I pay for it that is.

So after doing some investigating of this dilemma over the internet I have now found that I am not alone, other people who have also bought this very same Acer model are also experiencing the very same problem and have uploaded their videos showing this. which has now led me to believe that this must be a manufacturing fault and I and other people are now left dealing with this issue without support after warranty.

So my question to all you clever AVForums people is:

Is the fact that multiple people that are having this very same issue that I am experiencing, indicating a common manufacturing fault, should warranty even come into this, on the grounds that the product was never fit for sale in the first place? Or do I have no grounds for an appeal? and if I do I would like to know where I stand and how should I go about with resolving this issue?

This is a YouTube video link showing my Iconia and the problem I am having:

- Acer Iconia Dual Touch Screen Ghosting Issue - YouTube

For other Iconias with the same or similar problems see the following links:

- Acer iconia dual screen ghost touch in windows 8 - YouTube

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- Iconia Dual Screen Problem - YouTube


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The fit for purpose and reasonable durability clauses are part of the sale of goods act that applies between a seller and a buyer but those two only apply to a business like QVC, if you bought it from a private seller then it only has to be 'as described'.

I don't think there's any responsibility on the manufacturer's side to the customer outside of more serious issues (risk of injury/illness etc.).

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