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acer have damaged my laptop :-(


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HI all,

I have an acer aspire laptop which developed an intermittent fault with the headphone jack, it was als having a problem charging at times so i sent it back to acer to be repaired under the warranty.

a few days later they sent me a bill for £275, that being the cost to replace the screen and motherboard ?????? apparently the warranty does not cover physical damage????

I phoned the up wanting to know why the screen and motherboard needed to be replaced there was no physical damage to either only the two problems mentioned - the headphone jack and charger.

they have told me the screen and all the casing are damaged and it looks like it has been dropped, which certainly was not the case when it left here.

They told me to phone back in two day after they consulted with the couriers which I did do. they hadn't checked with DHL and I am sure it was not damaged enroute as the courier is my next door neighbour.

they told me to phone in two days again, i did do they have said they are returning the laptop unrepaired as i will not pay for the damage they have done.

I told them that i would not accept the parcel on return but unfortunately another neighbour signed for it while i was out.

I have escalated this to info team who have just ignored all emails

where can i go from here. Who can i report acer to for the damage they have done to my laptop?

Any help would be greatly appreciated


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To me it sounds they are trying to get out of paying for the warranty as sold with the laptop or it is a case of a courier has physically damaged the laptop. You say a neighbour has signed for the laptop so it is back with you before ACER have repaired it? If so is there any physical damage to the screen or the laptop itself? Any cracks. Dents or anything that shows the laptop is damaged? If not I cannot understand why ACER would be able to prove it is physical damage.

If there is no signs of damage on the laptop I would send it straight back to ACER again and demand they repair it under warranty. If there is damage to the laptop then you should try taking it up with DHL as by paying for a courier service your package is insured. If you still have the packaging from when it came back to you, check to see if that packaging has any signs of it being dropped as that could help if the courier DID drop your laptop.


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hi there,

thank you for taking the time to reply.

It is back with me now the neighbour brought it round tonight , but to be honest i have not opened it yet as i didnt want ACER to say I have caused the damage here, I was just going to return it straight to ACER as it is. they said on the phone and in an email that it was sent back unrepaired.

i have told them to look in the files on the laptop they can see it was used right up to the day it was sent back which was AFTER the faults were reported , so it could not have been damaged here.

The laptop was sent to ACER wrapped in 5 cm of bubble wrap and a cardboard box just as they requested , they say that there was no damage to the box. So they claim that the damage was done BEFORE it was packaged NOT during transit. I have asked for the old packaging back and they have said it has been destroyed _ they have used their own packaging to return it to me.

If they admit there was no damage to the box, i dont see why DHL should take the blame. If it has been damaged whilst in ACER's care why dont they just say so, instead of passing the buck , I am a reasonable person and understand that accidents may happen. I dont like the accusations from ACER, I feel its unfair and uncalled for. They are either implying i am a liar or accusing DHL of something they havent done as far as I can see , just to get themselves off the hook.

Its not good whichever way you look at it.

So the question is now shall i just send it straight back as it is , unopened , as i intended , or is it best to open it and see what damage there is???


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I would open it up and inspect the damage, take pictures of it as proof and start noting down the times and dates of all points of contact you make with Acer, this is emails, telephone calls and/or any letters you send to them. Get names of anyone you speak with (ideally full names) and try and locate the complaints department.

You might also want to seek out legal advice, you can get free legal advice from the CAB:
Citizens Advice  - the charity for your community


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As mentioned I would open the package now whilst taking photo's. For a laptop to take screen and motherboard damage there must be signs of cracking or damage on the laptop case.

If this is not the case at all to me it sounds like ACER are actually trying to get out of repairing a fault by warranty therefore saving them money. In my eyes they cannot tell you they will not repair it due to damage to the screen and motherboard if there is no clear evidence that you have damaged it (i.e. the case is cracked etc). As like I said to cause that damage it would have taken damage elsewere in my opinion.

If I was in your place I would demand to speak to a customer support manager and take it from there, explain that you are unhappy with the treatment you have got as there is no physical signs that you have damaged the laptop. Sometimes just threatening a company you will take it further can give them a kick to sort it out.

Hope it works out for you mate.

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