Acer H5360BD Low volume problem


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Hi all,
Need your advice.
I bought this Acer H5360Bd projector this week.
I only tried to play movie on it yesterday but was very disappointed.connecting it to a LG BD560 Blu-ray dvd player using HDMI cable was very simple.
picture was fine but even on full volume showing 100 i was not able to hear anything clear from 4 feet away, its very low volume, u need to set right next to projector to listen to it.
this is my 3rd projector, i already have optoma and when i only have 3 volume bars on optoma the sound is very loud.
i want ask you if anyone else experienced such problem with volume and any slution to it.

also when i connected it to my laptop, no sound what so ever and i have to rely on laptop speakers, any idea what could it be?

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First thing is are you using the PJ's on board speaker as your main sound stage :confused: It may be your output settings from the blu-ray player. Try changing to output DD/DTS as you may be trying to stream True-HD/DTS-MA??? Have only tried my acer quickly to see if all was OK before setting it up in my home cinema room and the speaker was very weak, but I've not heard of anyone using the PJ speaker as the main source before??? Get yourself a cheap amp and full speaker set up.
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yes i am using onboard speakers as main source, my earlier projector is optoma dv10 and if i use full volume i think the whole street will be able to hear it.never needed seprate speakers in past.
will try changeing setting on blu ray player and see...

what is amp? could you post any link?
i am going to watch 3d on my yellow coulour wall, do you think i need proper silver screen and how much of difference it will make?

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Not sure about yellow walls?? You could always paint a sheet of MDF white (more grey/off-white) and use this when watching the PJ.

Look here for AV receivers.

You really need to get a full HD sound system to fully appreciate the joys of Blu-ray/3D.


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Wired speakers leave the room surrounded by wires,

Where as, wireless speakers allow for a level of freedom and convenience that more than justifies the increased expense, which is not a lot to begin with and, again, more than offset by what they will do for your home theater environment.


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