ACER H5360 broken color wheel


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Hi there,

Somehow I managed to drop my 2 months old ACER H5360 projector :mad:, and 2 segments smashed on the color wheel. When turned on, the color wheel makes very loud noise and the whole unit vibrates violently. Discolored picture is projected.

I have managed to take it apart and the color wheel is indeed the culprit. It's quite easy to replace, but I have no idea where I can get one.

Does anyone know a place that sells replacement parts such as color wheels? Are there any other projectors which have the same color wheel? Ive tried to look for faulty ones on ebay, but so far had no luck since it is a quite new projector.

Failing that, does anyone know cheap repair shops? It is still in warranty, but I think they will charge me, since there is also some obvious damage on the casing.

Thank you,


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Bad luck, but accidents happen! Firstly I would contact your retailer, they should be able to put you on the right track. You may find that you have invalidated your warranty by opening up the projector, but discuss this with your retailer. Colour wheels tend to be specific for the PJ model so I don't think using a different colour wheel will be an option and as the Acer is quite a new model finding one for spares will be difficult. What about trying to claim on your household insurance, they usually cover accidental damage! Good luck, hope it works out.

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