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Recently bought the Acer AT2605-DTV which seemed a good bargain at the time. Having some problems with ghosting. I'm assuming it is because of the units response time which is 16ms gray to gray. However, the ghosting is mainly only visible on red colours, making me think it may be something else.

I have the TV plugged into an Xbox 360 and HD-DVD drive. Via official component the ghosting is most noticeable, via official VGA it is still there but not as bad, I think this is because the VGA picture is so washed out.

I can notice the problem most in Pro Evo when I play with a red team, the have a blur behind them constantly. Also during films peoples faces tend to do the same thing.

Anyone else have this TV and the same problem, or has anyone else got this TV without this problem?

Any advice would be appreciated.

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