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Acer AT2605-DTV.....a quick review


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I posted on here a few days ago asking about the acer and got zilch response...

Well I've bought one now (£550 from dabs) and I thought i'd have a go at a quick review as no one seems to know anything about it.

So far it seems very good....

On first look it is very stylish and solid - seems to have very good build quality, the screen has a nice black surround which makes watching films in the dark very easy on the eye.

The built in freeview tuner is as you would expect... the quality on all freeview tuners on LCDs always seems to be not up to much to me, but it seems better than some I've seen. The picture is not too blocky and moves nicely (it ouputs at 576i) and the colour is better than I had on my CRT with an RGB freeview tuner. However it seems to lack the interactive options (but could be I've not found them yet), no great loss though....

I have connected it to my Xbox via the HD component lead outputting at 1080i and the quality is excellent. I've used the Xbox as an upscaler for DivXs and DVDs and the picture quality and smoothness really is great (it seems to be better at 720p than at 1080i though).

The best came when I connected my VAIO laptop via the DVI port and tried a few HD demos (from microsoft) - IMHO I have never seen a picture like it. I managed to force the PC to output at native 720p res and ran the demos through VLC media player and it was brilliant. I was a bit worried about the slow response time, but so far I have not noticed any probs and at this price there are always going to be few downers.

One of the best points to the TV is all the connection options, here goes:

3 x SCART (2 RGB)
1 x Component Inputs
1 X SVideo
2 x Composite In
1 x DVI (HDCP)
1 x VGA (with pc sound in)
1 x AV Out
1 x SPdif Out
1 x Composite
1 x CVBS out
1 x analogue tuner
1 x Digi tuner
1 x Headphone out.

I think thats all, but there could be some more hiding somewhere.

The sound is very good (it can also audio out to 5.1 via the audio outputs), if a little on the quiet side using the built in speakers.

One bonus is the quality remote control, it's often overlooked but this one is really done well

Overall I would recommend it as a very good budget LCD screen :smashin: .

If anyone else has one, let me know what you think


Hi, thanks for the review :thumbsup: i've been looking at this set for a while and yes I couldn't find any reviews about it until now.
I've owned quite a bit of kit from Acer and have been generally pleased with them.
The only thing thats put me off purchasing this set is buying it from Dabs!


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Dabs were good, for a change...

I ordered it on Monday and it was here by Wednesday. There are a few other places where you can get it from (check on froogle) but Dabs was the cheapest and the only one I've heard of.

I've no idea why other places don't stock this. the older acer 2671w was very popular and has great reviews on amazon and ebuyer. But this was doesn't seem to have taken off. Could be to do with the crap stats/info from Acer. I actually rang them to check if it was fully HD ready and their sales bloke didn't know! It is fully Hd ready BTW

I've had a few Acer products (mainly laptops from work) and they've always been very good and the screens have been excellent


Good purchased imo.

I recently bought the 32" version - very happy with it :)

I did have the earlier version that had the fan in it but the person that bought our house bought the tv too.

The main things I noticed straight away about the new screen was the panel is much sharper and responsive. And the speakers are fantastic - quite bassy cosnsidering their size.


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Yep, I still agree this is a quality screen for its price.

The only drawback is the freeview picture, but i gather it's the same for all freeview pics on LCDs

I have tried my set top box with the Acer and the pq is worse than the in built tuner.

Guess I'm gonna have to save up for sky hd.......

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