Acer Aspire 5610 turning off - any ideas pls?


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I have an Acer as per title - it screwed up so I reinstalled with the backup disks. Its fine during the system reinstall stage - then when Windows XP gets up and running the laptop just turns off after a couple of mins.

If anyone has any ideas please let me know :lease:


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Could be heat related and may need the heatsink/fans cleaned out.

You could try a free temperature monitoring application such as speedfan ( but I've never used it on a laptop before so can't guarantee it will be able to read the temps correctly.

You could check if it is related to the windows install by downloading a copy of a linux distro which allows 'live preview' mode. (PCLinuxOS and Ubuntu both have that feature). Burn it to CD and use live boot. This allows you to boot the Linux OS directly off CD without touching your hard drive at all. Boot into Linux off CD and see if the machine still shuts down, if it does then it's hardware (probably temp) related. Just don't choose the install Linux option !


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there is an intel utility (cant remember the name) which works perfectly and accurately to monitor temp. download and run it and monitor at what temparature does the system shut off.

heat problem is a known issue with many acer laptops, it will be advisable to rule this issue out first.


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Thanks guys -It seems to be working fine now. There is a fan visable on the rear of the laptop that does not go round - I am wondering if this is heat controlled. Anyway it does seem to be working fine and not turning itself off after a fresh re-install. :thumbsup:

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