Acer Aspire 3003WLMI Laptop



I want to buy a laptop and have seen on the Comet website the Acer Aspire 3003WLMI for £499 including delivery, sounds a good price to me.
I will be using the machine mainly for internet, watching dvd's and for burning cd's and dvd's.
I would appreciate any input from anyone



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I have this laptop and its pretty damn good, nice bright screen, handles all applications with ease. It also has powernow technology which means it runs at lower Ghz when less applications are being used.
Big split harddrive, fast, solid feel, excellent wifi pickup and pretty decent connectivity, writes dvd's and cd's no problem.
Only negetives are the sound is a bit average, but is better when external speakers are plugged in. Don't get me wrong, its listenable, im just fussy when it comes to sound.
My hinges cracked, but Acer repaired them no problem assuring me that its a "rare" thing and its when the hinges are tightened too much during production. Comet also confirmed they have only ever had to return one other acer unit for cracked hinges in the last year or so. So just my bad luck it seams.

But all considering, i would say go for it. Try tesco though aswell because they were selling them cheaper than comet!
Hope this helps


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Oh, i forgot! If you tend to use the laptop on the run alot then you might need to buy a spare battery, battery only lasts about an hour. But mine is plugged in most of the time so it doesnt affect me much at all.:)


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Dell laptops are one of the best but do cost bit more if your only doing basic you dotn need to spend much but i always think when it comes to laptops you need to pay high price dure to they go out of date so quickly and you cant just upgrade like pc

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