Acer AL2671W HDTV ?



Hi can anyone help me out.... I'm after a 26" HD Ready LCD, and stumbled across this...Acer AL2671W HDTV ...
Its had lots of good reviews on the ebuyer website(but these tend to be biased.)....
I also spotted the following two:
Hyundai 'ImageQuest' HQL260WR 26"
Sharp Aquos LC-26P50E 26" 16:9
All HD not sure which to get......
any info on these models would be much appreciated

cheers Guys.......and gals


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Got one from Digiuk.

Good value for the price. No doubt the more expensive models perform better, but this is good value for money. The Sharp does I think outperform it but costs a lot more.

PQ using the analogue tuner is very good. SCART from a digibox is good but not great. You need to sit at least 8 feet away otherwise you do see some noise. It will take component into SCART 2, and this is good.

Where it really scores is using the DVI input. PC pictures are excellent - digital TV using MCE2005 is excellent. DVDs either using the PC or from a DVI/HDMI equipped DVD player are fantastic. The DVI input is HDCP enabled and will display 720p or 1080i.

It comes with an excellent manual and the remote is good looking and works well. Lots of features such as PiP, PandP, zoom, etc. Oh and the sound is the best I've ever heard on any screen this size. Nothing tinny about the speakers - it even plays music well.

So using the SCART inputs performance is good, not great. It really comes into its own using DVI, either from a PC or a suitable DVD player. As a second set well worth it, but as a main screen I think I'd spend a couple /few hundred more for one of the big names.


cheers mate..much appreciated.... I hoping to put ntl cable into it till i get sky next not sure how the picture will look.

thanks again


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philipb said:
It comes with an excellent manual and the remote is good looking and works well. .

You got a manual? I bought one and it just has a little green booklet with basic setup instructions. Been trying to work out the PIP, but not much info, tell me about your manual, how indepth is it? know if there is a pdf version online anywhere?


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anyone know how to get component (6 phones) to scart adaptor so i can use my PS2 via component output?

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