ACER AL2216WSD - TN or not TN?




I'm looking to buy a decent 22" (widescreen) LCD monitor to use mainly for graphics work, I've done quite a bit of research and know to avoid TN panel monitors due to their relatively poor colour reproduction, so am looking for a recommended PVA/ MVA monitor

The Acer AL2216WSD keeps cropping up, some retail sites list it as being PVA, but some forums cite it as a TN panel, the low contrast would suggest PVA, but the response time and price would indicate TN and the Acer site is next to useless for providing tech information on their monitors

So, can anyone here give me a definitive answer as to what type of panel is used in this monitor and recommend a good 22" monitor suitable for graphics work

Many thanks for your help



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You are incorrect. Low contast is not PVA. PVA has highest contrast than all 3 types of panels, i.e. TN and IPS.

I think there aren't any S-PVA or S/H-IPS panels in the 22" sector. They just don't do it. You can find some S-PVA or S-IPS monitors in more popular 24" range. Including Dell 2408WFP (S-PVA), HP LP2475W (H-IPS)

I think the Acer one is TN panel. You can judge from its price. Just compare 24" monitors that uses TN panel, e.g. Dell S2490W and Dell 2408WFP (S-PVA), HP LP2475W (H-IPS). The price different is enormous.

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