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For both sons to access ps+ at the same time, they both need an account and:

- Son A buys ps+
- Son A logs into son Bs ps4 and sets it as their primary console
- Son B can now log in to this console and access Son A ps+
- Son A logins into their own ps4
- Son A has access to their ps+


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I had primary the wrong way round so can access games but not online features as asking me to login to psn which I don’t have for son B


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Whoever has PS+, take that account and sign into the other PS4, set as primary on that console while signed into that account.

The PS+ account can then be signed out, it would only need to temporarily sign-in again to download the monthly PS+ games.

And if you want to go full circle with sharing, the son's account without PS+ can set his account as primary on the other console. This is only worth doing if both son's actually buy digital games and want to share them.


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Hope you can advise?

I have 2 sons with 2 PS4.

I have tried to creat a guest account and also a new account however they cannot login at the same time as once one tries to login the other gets kicked. Creating a new account makes content locked on other ps4. Do we have to have 2 ps plus accounts to use the 2 ps4 at the same time?

They each need their own individual accounts using different email addresses and once you have the accounts then only one of them needs ps plus for online play and free monthly games. Please note though that ps plus isn't necessary if you only want to share digital games you buy. Now for the next part I'll refer to them as Son 1 and Son 2

On playstation A son 1 signs into his account and and if you are needing ps plus then make it that Son 1 has it.

On playstation B Son 2 signs into his account but then add Son 1 as another user not a guest. This way very early on it will ask for sign in credentials and once this has been done both accounts will be on playstation B. Now on this playstation whilst still signed into Son 1 account you need to activate the ps4 as primary, settings/account management and select activate as primary ps4. Sign out of this account on playstation B and sign back in with as Son 2.

Now Son 1 does all the buying of digital games on his account and for Son 2 to get them he will quickly need to sign into Son 1 account on playstation B go to library, select purchased and then find the game amongst the 'not installed' section. Select it to start download and then sign out once it starts downloading. This will temporarily sign Son 1 out of his account on playstation A so make sure he isn't in the middle of a game or anything but once the download has started on playstation B then Son 1 can dismiss the message that he was signed in elsewhere and sign back in.

I havent found an easier way of doing the last process to start download of purchased games on the second playstation so if anyone on the forums knows they'll undoubtedly correct me. I hope this helps and isn't too difficult to follow


Hope you can advise?

I have 2 sons with 2 PS4.

I have tried to creat a guest account and also a new account however they cannot login at the same time as once one tries to login the other gets kicked. Creating a new account makes content locked on other ps4. Do we have to have 2 ps plus accounts to use the 2 ps4 at the same time?

A guest account is just a sub account, so they won't be able to both play together at the same time. You need two separate accounts, but you only need one PS+ account to allow them to play online together. This also means you only have to buy one copy of digital version of a game for them both to have it installed on their PS4's, and to play that game together online.

Lets refer to your sons as Bill and Bob...
Allocate each son their own PS4, and create accounts for each.
On Bills' PS4, log in using Bobs' account details, and go to the SEN (Sony Entertainment Network) webpage and set that Bills' PS4 as Bobs' primary console. Do the same (opposite) with Bobs' PS4.

When Bob is logged into Bills PS4 he can purchase, download and install a digital version of a game. This means the game is attributed to Bobs' account, and it is also installed on Bills' PS4.
When Bob logs into his own PS4 the game will be available to install on his console, as it was purchased and assigned to his account.
When Bill logs into his own PS4, the game is there for hi to play, because Bob installed it there for him.
Both Bill & Bob can play the game online together at the same time.

As for subscribing to PS+ for online gaming, you only need to pay the subscription once, for one of your sons, but they can both use it. I think this is how I did it...
Do the same as above, get Bill to log into Bobs' PS4 and purchase the subscription. It will then be available for Bob to use on his PS4, as thats the console it was purchased on. When Bill logs into his PS4 he has access to PS+ because it was purchased using his account. They can now both use it together.

I gave my 12yr old son an adult account so he can play whatever game I allow him to play - Call of Duty etc which is an 18 certificate game. Assuming your sons are under age 18, if you create an account for them with their real dates of birth they will be restricted to age relevant games. This may mont ideal now, but as they get older and you trust them they won't be able to play the hames their mates are playing. As a parent you see the log in passwords etc so you can access what they are doing at anytime.

So basically, whatever one son is buying, get them to do it whilst logged into his brothers console.
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By the way, I started off by giving my son a gust account for him to play on my PS4, then when he got his console I decided to set him up with an account of his own, but I disclosed his correct date of birth, he was maybe 10yrs old at the time? It soon became problematic when he wanted to play a 15 cert game, one that I was happy for him to play, and to play together. So I the created a new account for him, but made out he was 18yrs old, that way he isn't restricted. I kept the account passwords secret from him so I had full control.

Now he's 13yrs and Ive given him the passwords etc, so he doesn't have to bother me when he needs them. He could if he wanted start buying whatever purchases he wanted. But I know he can be trusted so its not a problem. He now plays GTA5, CoD etc without any issues.


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Ok, because I can never every work this out:

I currently have one PS+ account, one PS Now account. Two PS4's

PS4 Son is the PS4 that is registered as primary. It has only PS4 Son account on it. Needless to say he is always on it because of lockdown and pretty much always using PS+. Rarely does he play offline.

PS4 Dad is the second PS4. It has two accounts on it, PS4 Son and Dad. When logged in as Dad I can play any disc based games. But I cannot play the PS4 Son content or PS Now without booting Son off.

PS4 Son is a registered email etc. PS4 dad is just a user on PS4 dad console.

So, what do I need to do to, for example, play the downloaded games on PS4 dad. This will let, for example, my other sons play Fortnite on PS4 day when Son is playing COD on PS4 Son.


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On dad's PS4 stick on sons account (one with the ps+ sub) and set that as his primary PS4 - then u can use it logged in as dad

Sons PS4 will not be primary but as he logs in he will be able to play online etc still

Main restriction will be it won't auto backup Dave files to cloud (I think)

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