Account Management - Son Using my PSN Account and Setting Time Limits


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Just can't get my head around how if t all I can do this. I don't use the PS4 barring two weeks when COD comes out each year. My son uses my PSN account which is obviously set as adult and has PS Plus. I need to limit his usage somehow. He is resisting me setting him up as a new user as he will lose what he has bought on my account and progress, etc but what options do I have to do this technically otherwise. It looks to me like there is no option of putting limits o adult accounts?

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As far as I'm aware there are no options for setting limits or parental controls onto adult accounts.


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I have no idea how PSN works but if you can change your account to a child account you could set up yourself a new adult account and add your old account as a child. Hopefully it is not like Nintendo where you can't change DOB from the app and you have to contact support.

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