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Accidently cut my QED cable :-( best way to re-join?


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Hi everyone. I'm busy renovating my old house at the min and I have run hidden QED Silver An cables with the proper ends already fitted etc for my surround sound. Unfortunately in the chaos of the renovation I've managed to chop rite through my front right speaker cable :suicide:

Replacing it isn't an option as it's all chased into the walls etc now! So... what would be my best option for joining it back together?:lease:

Solder it together mate and put some heat shrink over the joint to protect it.

Maybe worth trying to get hold of some silver solder to make sure you get a decent join.


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I agree, solder sealed in heat shrink tubing would be the best, and most permanent.

Second best would be Crimp Splices. These are very common. It is simply a soft metal tube covered in plastic. You push a wire into each end and crimp down on the tube to lock the wire into place.

wire crimp terminal splice - Google Search

The crimp tools are pretty cheap too. Note these would be in-line splices.

Next would be a common Wire Nut. In this case, you twist the two ends together, the twist a plastic Wire Nut on to that. Best to then seal it with some electrical tape.

wire Nut - Google Search

But, the best, most reliable, both mechanically and electrically, would be to solder the ends together using ELECTRICAL/ELECTRONIC Solder, and seal it up with some Heat Shrink Tubing.



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I completely forgot to ask about soldering the cables!:blush:

I've done a bit of DIY bodging on broken connections on the odd home gadget etc but never tried speaker cables. What Solder should buy (silver/ELECTRONIC) & where from, do I need to clean up the cable ends before soldering, is it as simple as just melting the 2 ends together, would my beat up old soldering iron be up to the job or do I need a new decent one? I'm soldering QED silver An cables as I've mentioned to connect my B&W 602's if that's of any importance.

I can't seem to find any decent YouTube videos or tutorials on this so any help is much appreciated!:thumbsup:


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if your soldering silver plated cable it is possible with a good soldiering iron like a weller ps2d and it does soldier very nicely but one thing to remember is that the cable for a short distance either side becomes stiff and and non flexible but yes you can use a soldiering iron and also if you have no heat shrink i would consider using this tape X Treme Tape - Extreme Tape - Silicone Tape - High Temp Tape - Rubber Tape - Compression tape which melts itself together for perfect insulation,i use it quite abit

hope this helps
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Yes it dose thanks John, I'll have a look for them today.

Is there any particular kind of solder you could recommend as well please?

Thanks again.

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