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I'm new to projectors (it hasn't even been delivered yet) but after looking for a Pico projector for my 15yr old daughter to mess about with I ended up buying a new LG BX324P from PC World/Currys Ebay shop for £140 all in.

It'll plug into the VGA output of my laptop and run Blu Ray films, tv and games (Wii), it'll be an ad-hoc device moved between her bedroom, the living room and study and frankly it seemed a much better buy than a Pico device which seemed quite feeble by comparison. Sound will likely come from a sound bar I'm yet to buy.

It was an utter gamble and is a business device, the specs are below, I can't find a single review and am looking for some friendly opinions as to how it's likely to perform.

As a former audiophile I'm well aware it won't be a reference quality device but at the price it was too good to ignore.

I'd welcome your posts and a suggestion for a suitable budget screen.



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It's likely to be a little soft and not have great contrast due to it being non HD, 4:3 native (I think) and low contrast specifications. Probably won't be brilliant with motion either as these data projectors are designed for showing powerpoint type presentations in ambient light. However for £140 it's a start and if you find you enjoy the idea, you could always upgrade later, just be glad you didn't pay the Ebuyer price as for that much you could have bought a proper cinema projector with a 720p display.


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I echo Kelvins comments with the addition it is a fairly noisy projector and has an extremely bright output (3200 lumen). This will not be so bad if using a room during daylight hours but at night you will find it will be far too bright.

If you find it is to bright for you there is a solution, you can get an ND2 hoya filter for approx £20 this can be attached to the lens by a small piece of blutak around the edge.The filter will reduce light output by 50% which will give a better looking image at night.

During the daytime you can remove the filter if you prefer.


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Thanks for the replies, as someone new to this I appreciate your knowledge. Having a mans brain my immediate thoughts were 'brighter is better' but I realise that in total darkness the glare would be quite great. I have found a manual online and there seems to be a great deal of opportunity to alter the settings including reducing bulb power by 30% in eco mode whilst extending bulb life, so here's hoping.

In light of this (no pun intended) should I choose a screen which absorbs the light, I will likely get a tripod or floor mounted pull up variation to move around the house but being a competent DIY'er like the idea of making something unique. Having checked the manual it is likely that the diagonal image size in 16:9 mode will be 80 inches at 3m distance and 80 inches at 3.5m in 4:3 mode. I can't see me going larger than this based on our room sizes.

Already I'm sensing projector ownership can be all consuming :suicide:


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If making a screen go with 16:9 if you are using for most things (films games tv programs etc) as virtually nothing is 4:3 these days.

Also a grey screen would be better as it will enhance the colours and blacks.


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I thought an update of this bargain priced projector was appropriate now it has been opened for Xmas.

Plugged into a laptop via VGA it displays a native 16:9 1366x768 resolution and gives a perfect fit on a 72" screen from about 10ft.

I picked a new white screen up from Ebay for a very reasonable price after following a link on a thread elsewhere on the forum :)

The standard bulb setting is, as as been said too bright but the 'eco' mode reduces output by 30% and is perfect, it also increases bulb life. I've used 'eco' mode at night in total darkness but when testing the projector it will display a perfectly good image in daylight when set to normal.

The projector has a multitude of adjustments, too many in all honesty and it's no surprise that I've created custom settings.

Using Media Player Classic Home Theatre and thanks to some online setup guides the picture quality produced from HD content is truly fantastic.

Avatar from blu ray is jaw dropping in it's quality, all the Pixar stuff is the same and blu ray Star Wars is wonderful.

SD content from normal DVD looks good but when connected to a Wii or showing old movies (Miracle on 34th Street) the picture looks only average.

I have £260 invested in a projector, 72" screen and 2.1 powered speakers, it can be erected in 10 mins and fits perfectly inside a bay window, a real bargain in my books.

We've watched five films in two days and are already considering putting it in the car when we go'll be fun on a campsite with a few glasses of wine and a Rihanna concert playing, at least that's what my daughter tells me.

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