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    just finished editing my current project, and after a few probs that you helped me to sort out, i'd like a bit of advice.

    its become apparent that a tripod would be an advantage, to steady up shots, so is there a particular type for cams?
    I've read in my manuel that i have to be careful w/ the screw length, so what type do you advise, and what features do they have/should i look out for?
    Ps nothing too expensive!

    Whilst i'm here, i'm also thinkin of gettin some filters. I know of the Canon set- are these any good?.

    again what make, and what type wpold you recomend for my 1st lot
    BTW the thread is 30.5mm Canon Mv450i (UK)
    ZR39mc (US)

    thanks a lot!!

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