Accessing service menus

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Pioneer 435XDE / 505XDE Plasma Service menu

Make sure the plasma and the media box is in standby.
Press DISPLAY on the remote (just press, do not hold)
Wait 3 seconds
Press LEFT, UP, LEFT, RIGHT and POWER (on the remote)
If done correctly, the plasma turns on and the INFORMATION page is displayed

(the DISPLAY button is normally the one below the 4 on the remote)


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Hold down MENU on the Plasma and MENU on the remote.

After 10 seconds the service menu will appear.

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Here is how it is got into.
turn to channel 99 on analogue
bass to max.
treble to min.

then press v/- 0n front panel at the slightly after index on remote.

this is service one.
press the green button on the remote to cycle through the options untill you can go no further
then press hold on remote.
service two should now be showing.

press the green button and cycle through the options untill you get to the option that says hours used or some thing like that, not sure of exact wording. the value displayed is how many hours it has been on.

words of advise

do not change or alter any thing in these menus unless you are absolutly sure of what you are doing.
You can do some serious damage to your plasma if you are not carefull.

to get out of the service menu press exit on remote. if that does not work turn the plasma off ten back on again and you should be out of it.
I take no responsability for any problems caused by entering the service menu

If you are struggling, check you are on channel 99 on analogue, it may have gone down a channel when you pressed the v/- button.


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Panasonic PWD and PHD models

Hold vol- on teh screen and press the status button on the remote three times.

To check the number of hours:

Choose SD menu wt= times powered on and PT= cumulative hours

(Status button is the one with the square symbol with the + in it)
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