Accessing Music on a PC from an iPAQ


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Feb 3, 2002
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Tried this is the General Hardware section with no luck so thought I'd try here as well:

I've copied all my CD's onto my PC and, last week, installed a Linksys media adapter connected to my amp so I can now listen to the CD's on the PC (which is in the upstairs study) from the living room via a 802.11b wireless link.

I've also got an iPAQ 2210 and, as you can get a wireless card for it, I figured it should be possible to connect to the PC via the iPAQ and listen to music via headphones connected to the iPAQ.

I've tried using MS Media Encoder but, as this streams the audio, you need to have the tracks playing on the PC to be able to listen to them on the iPAQ. As well as that the quality is very low.

Does anyone know of any software available that will enable me to listen to the CD's stored on the PC via the iPAQ in the same way as the media adapter allows.

Thanks in advance

If you get Resco explorer you can browse your home network just as you can from a desktop machine. Any file associated with Media Player can then be accessed remotely.

So far I have only been able to play one file at a time as I can't find a way to create a playlist of remote files in media player.
Right - sussed it - very simple in the end.

On your desktop pc using windows media player, create a playlist then do File, Save Playlist As.., change the type of file to Any Playlist (*.wpl,*.asx,*.m3u) and save the file as yourfilename.asx in a folder that you can access across the network (HINT don't use my documents).

On your IPAQ using resco file explorer you can then open the playlist and it will play all of the tracks.
Wilber - I haven't got resco explorer just the standard one that comes with pocket PC 2003. I can locate the playlist on the desktop computer but I don't get an option to open the file - is this only available with Resco Explorer ?

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