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I am the sole user of my PC and have full administrator rights but am having problems after restoring a nero backup (why oh why did I use this?). Here goes..

Before reformatting my HD I decided to backup my documents folder using Nero backup (big mistake I know!)

After reinstalling OS etc I decided to restore the backup files using nero.

Problem is it I stupidly restored files to the previous user default Drunken Master , but my sole user on my reinstalled PC is now just Drunken.

As my only account is Drunken, the folders restored to Drunken Master are inaccessible. I have tried to delete them but the access denied prompt still appears.

Is there a way to access the folders or delete them, I have tried changing the attributes and even attempted to share but no joy.

I hope this makes sense as I am mighty confused and annoyed that Nero let me actually install to a previous ghost user.


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I have tried this but no ownership option appears. here is what I get:


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Any ideas???


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You need to turn off Simple File Sharing.

In Explorer go Tools, Folder Options, View. Scroll to the bottom of the list and deselect Simple File Sharing. Go back to the properties of the folder and you will see a security tab. Press Advanced, Owner then take the ownership.

Simple eh? :D


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Yup, uncheck Simple File Sharing. Then you will get access to all the advanced security permissions options.


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:clap: Yippee its ok now :clap:

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