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Hi Folks,

Prob a really daft question but which is better at recycling the air within a flat? opening the windows or using the air conditioning.

It a corner flat - so no opposite ended windows - instead it's like windows on the two perpendicular sides of a square.
And it's a central AC as well so not just in one room.

Quick answer as I'm cleaning my flat now and it stinks like a chemical factory!!


I'm not sure what you mean by 'recycling' air.

Do you mean adding fresh oxygen content to it?
Do you mean cooling the air?
Do you mean filtering out particles?
Do you mean removing VOC's and other chemicals?

Air con just cools the air. It may remove a little dust, and water, but that's it. It does make the room feel cool and fresh on a hot day. It is great for freshening a room where opening the window will not help. It stops the discomfort of excess heat. It will NEVER remove odours, gases, or chemicals from the air. Air con passes air over a cold heat exchanger - that's it. The fact water condenses on it, and is removed, and the dust filter are by products. The dust filter is only there to prevent the heat exchanger clogging up.

Opening a window will freshen the air more effectively. It may not cool a room enough.

It depends what you want. One is free. The other costs a chunk of money.
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