AC Infinity Cabinet cooling "build"


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Having been out of the home cinema game for years I recently started building a modest set up on a budget. I picked my 609 up for the princely sum of £60 from eBay and had the HDMI board replaced free of charge under warranty (thank you Onkyo).

This then left me paranoid that I couldn't safely house it in a somewhat enclosed cabinet for fear of overheating it with some lengthy music / film sessions. Ever since I've been looking for a nice tidy off the shelf solution to solve the problem.

With my receiver sat atop the cabinet I thought I wouldn't need any cooling at all but I noticed that the temperature of the reciever was too warm to safely have my KEF 3001 centre sat above it.

Having researched cooling solutions I noticed that the UK market was severely lacking in options for solutions directly targeted at the home cinema market. Having spent hours looking for the right solution I stumbled upon AC Infinity but was frustrated to learn after trying to buy some items on their website that they currently didnt ship to the UK!

After making contact via email I was informed that the products would soon be available via Amazon.

A few weeks went by waiting for the Amazon inventory to be updated - as soon as they were it wasn't long before I was in receipt of what I can only describe as a very nice piece of kit - the Airplate T3 and the large and small component USB fans.

The large 80mm USB fans were immediately put to work on top of my reciever and the difference was night and day. After watching The Revenant (2.5+ hrs) on a "spirited volume" it felt as though the receiver hadn't even been on! The smaller fans were installed on my Pioneer Kuro LX-5090 drawing away a lot of heat and thus impressively reducing the screen temperature (I'd always worried the tv was going to fail as it ran hot - as older plasmas do).

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I could now sit back and enjoy my home cinema but then I realised I still didn't have my reciever safely housed in the cabinet away from dust and my children!

This is when ill health played its ugly hand and I was unable to do anything for a considerable amount of time. Having recently come out of hospital I was horrified to see the reciever with a layer of dust all over it - yes the wife was adequately scorned of course!

I was now determined to get the reciever safely inside my cabinet before the kids broke it or the dust fried on the boards! A few more weeks passed and I finally got round to the task - being the novice DIYer and lacking in any tools sufficient to complete the most basic of domestic man jobs it gave me an excuse to buy some power. A few hundred pounds later I was ready to commence the installation

One sunny Sunday a few weeks ago I finally got the courage to butcher the solid oak av stand I'd managed to buy on eBay for £5.50! I'd had a good excuse (with the illness) for cluttering the bedroom with it along with 2 projector screens and a miriad of boxed speakers but reasonably stable health no longer gave me the excuse to put it off.

I needn't have worried as my youngest son could have done the job. A few drill holes followed by a bit of jigsawing (technical term) and it was done!

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Whilst the USB fans did an impressive job I don't have a superlative to describe the job the Airplate is doing. I have the Airplate set to "auto" at a temperature of 80f and I have yet to hear the fans working even during the quietest scenes on any movie!

Having put it through its paces the temperature inside the cabinet is very stable and I would recommend this to anyone who wants the added peace of mind that their equipment is going to be running a nice cool temperature.

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A quick look at the AC Infinity website sees some more nice sleek looking pieces of kit - you can now buy the housed component fans. Just waiting for this to be available on Amazon so that I can make sure my sons 609 runs cool too!

Component Fan Systems - AC Infinity

All in all I'm very impressed at their slick off the shelf solutions - can't wait to see if they can produce some products that will do the same for my projector

Watch this space...


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I had heat issues with my marantz avr and ended up buying a laptop cooling pad which has done the trick, but this looks a much better solution.
Do you have any links for the fans controllers etc..


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Go to their website and take a look - not everything on the website is available on Amazon yet (hopefully this will change soon).

I bought the Airplate T7 but I'm particularly interested in one of these:-



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Sure are - much much better now that I've put them on the Atacama stands so I can move them wider when a movie / music is on.

Still not sure if they outperform the kef eggs or my 20yr old kef crestas - but then the latter are floor standers!


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Hi @Chris4891 - nice thread and I am interested in doing something similar.

Do your twin fans blow air in or out? or ideally, one blows in and one blows out?



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Mine were set up to extract the warm / hot air (hence the height at which it was placed).

I’ve now got the amp on top of the unit at the moment with 2 of the AC fans on top which keep the amp cold to the touch.

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