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AC/DC tour dates announced


Established Member
Surely there must be more to be announced - a week of a gap between 02 and MEN

London 02 Arena (April 14)
Manchester MEN Arena (21)
Birmingham LG Arena (23)

If they dont play glasgow I will be most annoyed at the very least :mad::mad:

Artie Fufkin

Prominent Member
Ireland's added on the 18th, which still leaves room for Glasgow. It is getting a bit late to announce it though. Do I buy for Manchester and make a massive, lengthy and expensive trip? Or do I hope Glasgow gets added?

Stupid bleeding Young brothers :mad:.


Distinguished Member
£45 a ticket! Now I know AC/DC are a big band, but thats pushing it a bit!!! I've never seen em and really wanna go, but at £45 PLUS booking fee PLUS travelling costs, I'm pretty much priced out!


Established Member
I agree - but I paid £45 plus booking fee 4 times to se Rush last year :mad:

I've go a mate trying to get us ACDC ticks for MEN. I still dont think the band have done anything decent at all since Back in Black but I still fancy seeing them - blimey I last saw them 26 years ago at the Glasgow Apollo!

I also think it's shocking that they are not playing Glasgow this time!
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just got 2 for Manchester! I think, have to wait for confirmation email that could take up to 3 hours!!

Like the new album - could be last chance to see them again so I'll pay the price! I think the price is the norm for big bands these days!


Prominent Member
I predict 2 extra shows at the 02

was hoping for a trip to Newcastle myself

Your not the only one!!

Still, managed to bag myself 2 tickets for Manchester, top tier but I'm not complaining. Taking my dad down for his Xmas pressie:D

If they do announce Newcastle and I get some, I'll have 2 for sale at face value for manchester. Please dont ask now..

Booked a room in the premier inn so all in its probably going to cost me £300 by the time you take beer, bait and the obligatory overpriced T-shirt.

Worth it IMO. :smashin:




Distinguished Member
GETMEIN.COM has a lot to answer for.

A holes...

I can't believe that site is even legal - under an hour after the tickets first went on sale and they are available on there from the touts at 3-4x the face value.

The sooner they stop this sort of thing the better imo.


Established Member
Well that was a waste of time. I didn't even see the slightest hint of a standing ticket being available. Not interested in sitting at the back of the venue, so I didn't bother buying anything.

A complete joke as usual. God I miss pre-internet days, when you could just queue up and get a ticket on the spot :(


Established Member
I hear ya, but I can't justify spending £50-£60 + all the extras involved (travel, beer, more beer, merchandise bought when drunk) to have the likely 'pleasure' of sitting 3 storeys above the ground watching some ants play 1/2 a mile away while the sound echoes around me

Even if it is DC :D

Oh well, at least I got to see them on their last tour
as a massive fan for the last 17 years, this morning was a joke. on Ticketmaster at 10am and could not get anything. loads on ebay now. it should not be allowed. last year Take that were refusing entry to anyone who had a ticket off ebay. they knew the bar code numbers of all tickets sold off there. why are all bands not doing this. no chance now of seeing the lads on what will probably be the last tour unless i pay £180 for a ticket. I become part of the problem then though dont I


Established Member
tried this morning to get 2 tickets for the dublin show went online at 9.00am on the dot ticketmaster put me in the queue for 7 mins it said.1 hour later page reloaded to tell me it was sold out !!!!!!!!
what chance does anyone have.

not happy at all:mad:


Established Member
I can't believe more of the artists don't do something about this. Their fans can't get tickets because they get sold out in minutes, tho I'm stuffed if I know how this is possible. My guess is that the promotoers allocate heaps to the touts and then take a cut of the sales. So Ticketmaster actually has hardly any tickets for the general public.

Problem is that there are many assholes willing to pay £200+ for a ticket so the ebay ******* will continue to flourish.

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