Absolutely desperate to find unit to fit AX-10 and rest of equip


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I have searched high and low to find a unit to fit in the amp. The measurements are 440mm width, 210mm high and now the killer, the depth is 472mm. I did find one from Audiovision but paid Aug 14th (£264) and asked for money back today sick of waiting.
That depth totally ruins every time I see a great looking unit. My DVD,VCR and Sat are also going into it, maybe a turntable on top.

PLEASE is there anybody there who knows anywhere, or even are any of you cabnet makers of sort that can make them.

I have a room with wires hanging out of the wall waiting to go into trunking. I cannot fit trunking until I know the shelf height where the wires come out of the trunking to each of the units.

I am desperate to use my new equip, I havnt used it yet. Just got a messy room and an electrition waiting to fix it all up.

Please please help.

I will place this in the amp section to increase chance
I,ll stop typeing now,

Hey Gadjet,
Have you tried any companys like Triskom ( audiovideofurniture.com ) or Fi-Rax ( they build stuff to measure ) maybe even a firm like Musical Images, I know they deal in big installs but they may offer some guidance. I know its not much but it might steer you in the right direction.


These are the biggest stands I've ever seen and they're still for sale.

The front-to-back distance which really matters is from the outermost point of the feet. You'll probably find it's about 370mm (?). My Denon A1D was 494mm overall f-to-b, w/380mm 'footspan'. Madness.


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