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I am looking to buy a receiver which fits in my cupboard.
Problem is the cupboard is only 365mm deep, with the door closed (and I want the door to be closed)

Now after looking at receivers, many have dimensions of approx 330, but do these dimensions include the volume knob, boy more importantly, the inputs/binding bits on the back where e.g. speakers connect.

As I will have to contact HDMI to the back of this, that's about 50mm. If the dimensions include the 10mm of the binding posts, I should be ok.

If anyone has this receiver and could measure including binding posts and front controls that would be awesome.



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A receiver generates a lot of heat so should not be enclosed in a cabinet as it needs airflow for it to keep cool or you will cause damage to it. You need space all around it and at least the front or back open to allow airflow.


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At best they will include the volume knob but they will not include the space needed at the rear to get all the cables to fit in. This can easily add a few cms to the overall space needed.


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The binding posts may but I find you still need a cm or so beyond those to fit all the cables in etc.
Also if you are that tight for space at the front and back I do not see this being a good place to put a receiver. You are just trying to cram it into a too small a space. This will cause issues with overheating that at best will cause the amp to shutdown during a movie and at worse damage the receiver causing failure of the unit which will not be covered by any warranty. I think you need to reconsider your placement of the receiver.

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