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Three weks ago I hadn't the first idea about TV's, DVD's digi boxes, Dolby Digital, etc. Now our 12 year old TV is showing its age and its time to buy a modern setup.

I apologise in advance for yet another newbie question. I have searched through old articles to try and educate myself but its a steep learning curve. Anyway, my budget is around £1000 for a complete set up.

I want a 32" flat screen with decent sound. My first plan was to buy a Toshiba 32ZP18P/Q (£1015 from Robertsons-online) but friends of mine say that I don't really need a 100 hz set and that it would be better to buy a Nicam set and get my Dolby 5.1 sound from a decent DVD player. As we need to buy a DVD player eventually, this makes some sense to me.

I can buy a 50hz Nicam Sony KV32LS35S for £700 which leaves me about £300 to spend on a good DVD player and speakers. Does this seem a better option than the Tosh with its built in Dolby etc? I will be buying a Pace digibox whatever set I chose.

Sorry to go on. Thanks for your time.

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A grand might be limiting you options when you want to buy a ZP18Q but you could buy the following:

Option One:

Toshiba 32ZP18Q £1015.00
Toshiba SD220E Multiregion £129.99 (www.shopsmart.co.uk)

TOTAL £1144.99

Neat and simply, may not be the best but for an entry level system, What Hifi Sound & Vision recommend the following

Goodmans 28" GTV69W5 £330.00 RRP
LG DVD5253 £100.00 RRP
Creative Inspire 5700 5.1 System £250.00 RRP

TOTAL £680.00 RRP

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