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I just got above player

Concerning AUDIO set up, I am using a coaxial cable to a Pioneer amplifier (VSX-C100-S) . I am outputting in bitstream.

Here is my problem...

As per above set up, some Home DVDs and audio CDs would not output any any sound, unless I change to PCM.

My ex-Pionner 454 did not have this problem.

Advise please

trevor g

try fitting analouge interconnect pair some dvds swich to auto
when wired this way i had the same thing on two tosh dvd
players this cured the the problem hope this helps you

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OOPS !!!

Just played an AUDIO CD and MP3 CD and both played with the output on Bitstream...

But home DVD still wont output sound on Bitstream


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I have this DVD player and I came to the conclusion at one point that I would have to switch between PCM and bitstream each time I put a DVD in depending on how the DVD was recorded - but I think I concluded in the end that I could always get sound, by setting the amplifier to digital input when the sound track was Dolby Digital and Analog otherwise.

I had my previous DVD player connected with both digital and phono connections, which I thought I needed in order to get sound from any disk (including CDs) but with the new player I was determined to keep cabling to a minimum if at all possible.

Edited to say: just checked again. I have a DVD of "Blue Velvet" which has a dolby digital logo on the back but also says something like "recorded in uncompressed PCM for maximum sound quality." When set to bitstream I can only get sound from it via analog cables, I get nothing via digital. If I set the player through the menus to PCM then I will get sound via the digital connection. I think it might be more practical just to connect an extra cable rather than use the menus each time.

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