About to take the plunge and get Sky HD


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I said I was going to hang off until more channels became available and the price came down etc, but feel I might be waiting a while!

I have a few questions that I would love answered before I make the call!!

1. I have a Sony Bravia 40V2000U tv , I know this is not a 1080 screen, is it still worth getting Sky HD, and will I be impressed ?

2. I am an existing Sky Digital subscriber, any hints as to the best way to get the best deal from Sky, or will I have to stump up the £299 for the box and the £60.00 installation ( no multiroom for me ) ?

3. Will I be able to get the 5.1 sound by connecting the HD Box to my Denon DHT 500SD all in one dvd/amp ?

4. Taking the full HD Paackage with Sky+ what is the total monthly cost ? I am getting myself mixed up when I try to calculate it.

I know alot of these questions have probably been asked thousands of times, but I am literally an hour away from giving them a call, and I trust what you guys say more than them:smashin:

Cheers in advance!


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1. Yes, its worth it, and you'll be impressed (JMHO)

2. I bought my box off ebay and installed it myself, there is athread on here about getting cheap boxes, cant remember what its called though. If you have sky plus, self install is a doddle. If you have normal sky, you may be better off getting sky to nstall it as you'll need an additional feed and a quad LNB.

3. If you have an optical input on your system, you can get full 5.1 surround from the sky box.

4. full package is £52.50 IIRC




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Alun, is the £52.50 including movies and sports aswell ?


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Cheers Alun, thats better than I though, I thought I was gonna be paying about £60.00 or so!

Cheers for your help mate

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